Friday, February 24, 2012

February Harvest

The radishes are in!  It was pretty exciting to pick the radishes from the garden tonight for supper, but I must admit, there's a few things in the garden that are looking kinda sad these days.  The rainy season is coming back which makes it nice to carry less water by hand, but I think the African sun has been a little much for my little ND seeds to bear.  While I think some will still produce and all is not lost, I have 3 foot corn trying to tassel and put on cobs!


Schumachers said...

Cool radishes! They look good! Thanks for the comment but you commented before I had all the pictures on. You should go look again.

Love you, Mindy

We have some fun stories to tell You should skype sometime and I'll tell you some.

Anonymous said...

That makes me want to get my garden going. Enjoy the fresh radishes. Love Doreen

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiny,
I'm JEALOUS!! Can't wait to get our garden going. I think we should expand it this year. Hope your beans and peas produce soonish!! Enjoy the radishes. Are they HOT with all the hot African sun?? Love you, mom