Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Omaha Zoo

This weekend we went to the Omaha Zoo with the Ministries Club. It was a fun afternoon and nice weekend. Uncle Kenny was here this weekend and we had some fun cousin/uncle time with all of us here in Lincoln. I had to take a unit test on Sunday, another one on Monday and a 4 chapter unit exam yesterday along with several papers, reports, and 13 lesson plans. At the moment I'm running on less than 5 hours of sleep but the rest of the weeks looks comparatively relaxing! :) I'm hoping to use the rest of this week and the weekend to recover and get ready for finals next week!

(the point of this picture was the sign but it's kinda hard to read, it says, "DO NOT WALK ON BRIDGE")

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Jody said...

Hi Tabby, I like the giraffes. Vick here and we just looked at your post:) I like the bottom picture. Love you, (:Jody:)