Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ministries Club Spring Retreat Campout

We had a camp out last night with the ministries club and IRR club, it was so much fun to get back outside! When spring rolls around it's so exciting to soak up some sun and great outdoors! This retreat was a real treat! It came at the perfect time to ease some of the "spring fever" that has been going around lately! We had a nice evening around the campfire last night and a special worship today. After dinner I got a nice nap in the sun and a nice little sunburn!


Anna said...

I had a wonderful weekend with you cuddle buddy! God is so good, isn't He. I hope you were very blessed this weekend! I will be praying for you this week and the heavy load I know you have. We'll be there Sat night for your homeshow!

Anna said...

One more thing Tabby, I revamped my blog and you can find the new address at:

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of us! thanks for telling me about your blog Tabby! that weekend was so much fun!