Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gymnairs Tour to Dakota Adventist Academy

We are back from North Dakota! It was an absolutely fantastic trip!! It was so much fun to see my family (which consists of about 80+ people when I'm at DAA with my school "family" :) ) and spend the weekend with so many people I LOVE to be with! I got to hang around the Acrolight's practice Friday afternoon and help them out by filling in a few of my old spots from last year!! Performing for the home crowd last night was thrilling! I LOVE YOU DAA!
This is how I spent MOST of the trip, Tara got this picture during one of my many hours of sleep in the van. I used the trip to catch up on sleep, last week I was over my head in exams, tests, and homework of all sorts, I got almost 4 hours of sleep Wednesday night, and excluding van hours I slept 2 hours Thursday night!

Seth and I did the chairs, this is our balance press, we came out in our Union warm up jackets and after the first press revealed our DAA roots with our old uniforms! (the crowd liked seeing thier uniforms too!)
It was so much fun to have my family around! They came to the clinics and then got to show some things in our participation part. You guys are amazing!! Miss you tons! only ONE MONTH till I'm home!
I based Valentina and Candace in our introduction move.
This is a picture of our chairs routine at Campion, I think we stacked it a little different, it was a little higher there ( I think Seth forgot how we usually stack them last night! :P ).
Travel Buddies!!


~MINDY~ said...

We had fun too Tabby and I really enjoyed the clinic too. It was good to see you. Love ~MINDY~

Anonymous said...

Hehe I have a feeling I had something to do with your lack of sleep............