Monday, April 5, 2010

Get to know Nebraska Contest

This is an e-mail from the college:

Dear Union College Students, Faculty and Staff:

Thank you to the many people to contributed photographs, drawings
and an essay to the “Get to Know Nebraska” Contest! We hope you all enjoyed the tour of Nebraska that was displayed in the art gallery just before spring break.

Congratulations to the winners! They are:

Student Winners

$100 Grand Prize – Betsy Norton for her drawing of the child enjoying
corn on the cob
$50 Second Prize – Tabitha Schumacher
for her sketches of a meadow lark (the state bird), a tractor and the capital building

$35 Third Prize – Justin Gibson for his photograph
Faculty Staff Winner
$35 Gift Certificate – Verna Blankenship for her photograph of an oak in the fall

The winning pictures may be on display in the Student Center for the next two weeks.

Please come to Student Services to receive your prize money.

Linda Becker


Megan.Margaret said...

Congrats! It's very pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tabby your picture turned out great,good job! I Love you and miss you. ;)Jody(;

Anna said...

When I actually read this email from Becker I thought...of all the emails to read of her's - this is truly worth my time! Awesome job and congrats!

Anonymous said...

WOW! guess I should check your blog more often. Congrats, so glad you had me mail them to you it looks good the way you matted them and arranged them. I LOVE YOU, mom