Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home and such...

The last 50ish hours of my freshmen year consisted of 4 finals, packing my dorm room, a 10 hour drive home, ..... and only 2 1/2 hours of sleep total! Now I'm home and life hasn't slowed down much!I got home at 6:00am Thursday... later that day the girls cut 10" off my hair (for locks of love), Anne Wham came that evening, spent the day with us and on Friday we showed her around Bible Camp so we can start making plans for camp in July.

Friday evening was our pathfinder investiture.

Saturday night we went up to DAA for the Gymnastics Homeshow, it was so much fun to see everyone up there again! Sunday we sang for a mother's day service in Eureka and Wolfs came for the evening. Yesterday we worked cows most of the day....

...and TODAY Tansy had her BABY!! A PRECIOUS filly with 4 white socks! it's been so exciting to be home!! Now I just wish summer weather would get here!

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