Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dakota Adventist Academy Knights VB

On Thursday afternoon The Dakota Adventist Academy bus rolled in with the Knights Volley Ball team ready for some action! I can't even tell you how EXCITED I was to see my team!! When I met them as soon as they got off the bus I couldn't gives hugs fast enough! I haven't seen most of them since graduation last spring and after living in the dorm with them you are basically family! Since I was the only senior on the VB team last year I felt like this was MY team! (and really it was!)

When I first got their schedule I realized that between class, gymnastics practice, and work I had conflicts for EVERY single game! There was no way I was about to miss their games so I put in a substitution request at work (I've tried to get people to work for me on Fridays before and it just isn't easy, everybody likes to start into their relaxing weekend as soon as possible). The next day in class before I even had a chance to bring up the fact that I wanted to go to a VB game during my college writing class on Friday the teacher announced that we would not be having class on Friday because we needed to work on something else with her at other times! Then I got to work and realized that my sub slip had already been filled and I was good to go!! GOD IS SO GOOD!! He LOVES to do things for us to make us happy! The DAA Knights pulled together as a team and made us proud!! I just wanted to be out there on the court with them but put all my excitement into cheering my heart out!! The Knights finished up last night with a 4 and 1 record! (that's 4 wins and 1 loss!) I can't even tell you how great that is!! The tournament champions, the 2nd place team, AND Dakota Adventist Academy shared a 3-way tie for the best record here at tournament, each of them only lost one game! Because of the way the tournament brackets were set up and the fact that we're from a small school therefore in the "lower bracket" we left last night with 5th place in the tournament! YAY KNIGHTS! I LOVE YOU!
The girls showing off their MVP awards!
You couldn't really see the floor in our room this weekend, when the lists came out at the front desk I wanted to sign up for every one of the girls to stay with us!! I just couldn't choose but after 4 I had to have some self control and with our 4 guests plus Mary and I we had a nice and cozy room!
Yesterday morning I ate breakfast in the cafe with the girls, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to sport my DAA clothes complete with Knights hoodie and VB sweatpants. I took the empty seat beside coach and after a few minutes one of the girls asked if the whole team was there. Coach took a head count and said yes. Then one of the girls seemed really confused and counted again, and again, and finally said, "no, we're still missing someone" I looked over at coach and asked if he had counted me and then with an embarrassed smile he was like, "....yep." I had a wonderful weekend with my girls and it couldn't have been a better weekend for me as far as homework, I didn't have anything due on Friday and I had already gotten my work for Monday done so I didn't have to think about school once while they were here! I simply enjoyed every minute with them. Yesterday Leanna and I got to take a long walk and chat about everything just like old times at DAA and after the tournament last night we decided that going to bed for the couple hours that were left before 4:00am when they headed out for ND wasn't even worth slepping. I figured I'd rather have a blast with them while they were here and sleep today when they weren't! I saw them off this morning and had prayer with them before they left, I absolutely love school here at Union but when the bus pulled away this morning I felt a little bit like I had just gotten left behind by MY SCHOOL.
I love you KNIGHTS!

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