Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back At It

Last week Wednesday we left for home with all of our first quater exams behind us and ready for our Mid-term break! It's hard to believe 1/2 of a semester has already slipped by and yet on the way home it seemed like plenty long since I'd been there! The roads were pretty snowy and slushy at times but since it stayed above freezing we didn't have to deal with any ice!

The stay at home was short and made a little shorter due to the fact that I got sick Thursday morning litterally on the way home. Friday I got some homework done and played some indoor games with my sibblings because my 103.5 degree temp made me feel like staying inside was a good idea.

Sabbath after church we went up to Sunds for a shop party that evening and since I needed to catch my ride at the interstate (8 miles from Sunds) early the next morning I spent the night there and was on my way back to school Sunday morning.

This week has gone very well so far although I could ALWAYS get a little more sleep! :P We've been playing flag football competing between classes, tomorrow is the Championship! Will the FRESHMEN be able to pull it off!? Tomorrow the girls from DAA are comming for the Mid-America Union VB Tournament this weekend! I am SO EXCITED to see all my old classmates and teammates!! As for now I'm getting pretty excited to get some sleep! g'night!

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