Monday, May 14, 2012

Buildings of Brussels

After finding the Atomium so smoothly we had a slightly more trouble finding our way to the Grand place, but we had nowhere else to be and everywhere we aimlessly wondered looking for it was exciting and beautiful to  us.  So we took our time and eventually got going back in the right direction, when were were closer we asked a lady in our tram and she walked with us from the station to the square... it was INCREDIBLE!
The grand place is the central square of Brussels framed with these gorgeous historic buildings on each side.

Another side of the square...
...and another view of the square.

Incredible shopping mall!
Just had to snap a shot of this Paul Shop :)
I was intrigued by how attractive and artsy even the metro stations are!
Even the "ugly" buildings are super cool!

Super pretty!
Pizza Hut delivery motorcycles, and a LEO truck! :)
Quaint little European produce stand, but the prices take your breath away after shopping in African markets for 7 months!

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