Monday, January 16, 2012

Saving a Life

We've been trying to donate blood for a couple of weeks, but coordinating schedules has taken awhile.  Today we did it though!  Wasn't quite the same as the blood drives and donating facilities we're used to, but essentially the same thing.  :)  We were told that our blood will be used in the pediatric unit, so some precious little kid will benefit from our donation!  The staff was surprised and pleased by our voluntary donation, donating blood is very uncommon, almost tabooed here... definitely not promoted like it is at home.  If a patient needs a transfusion they have to personally find someone to donate; and as you can imagine, that's not very convenient or quick in the case of an emergency.
The needle was huge, I'm serious, I'm not new to donating blood and I've never seen such a gigantic needle go in my arm before, but it sure pumped fast!
Kudos to Sarah for having the idea, getting us on board, facing her fears like a trooper, and donating for the first time!  You're my hero! 


Anonymous said...

Now you can say you have left part of YOURSELF in Africa to help others, the reason you went there. I used to give blood and had a good feeling doing it. But I'm not able to donate anymore. Dorothy

Anonymous said...

Good job!! Are they going to blend down your white man blood?? HaHa! You girls are amazing :) You are certainly on an adventure! God will use you to bless many precious people. Way to work for Him in so many neat and unusual ways! Stay safe, and be in tune with God plans for you.
Keep up the good work.
Love you, mom