Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cameroonian Food

 Here's a couple of pictures from Christmas time relating to food here in Cameroon! :)
Potluck at church on Christmas Eve
Our potluck food! :) Several yummy Cameroonian dishes including fufu plus beans and rice, yum!
One of the pharmacists that the clinic gets drugs from invited us over for a Christmas meal because she felt sorry for all of us not being able to be with our families for Christmas.  They gave us an incredible meal! it's hard to see each thing on the plate, but there were several different kinds of veggie dishes and one almost like a stew, then plantains, corn koki, cabbage salad, and delicious rice with pepá.
This is gari fufu and okra soup with agoosy, SO GOOD. 
... and this is not really cameroonian, because it was made by me :) but it's made with Cameroonian koki beans and tomatoes, seasoned up with some some yummy mexican seasoning from home and pepá.. it was also pretty good!! Mmmmm

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Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING looks YUMMY! Hey, don't forget we're racing!! Aim for the target!!! Make it a GREAT DAY, :) mom