Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy (BELATED) Birthday Lea!

Lea's Birthday was actually in December!  We were planing to do this for her all along, but because her birthday fell right in the middle of campmeeting and just before Christmas it was a pretty swamped time to find an empty evening and extra baking time.  So, now, almost a month late we finally got around to celebrating her birthday!
We had such a good time, and such a legit celebration I think we even had Lea convinced that it was really her birthday!
We supplied the sweet stuff (like cake!) and Christian made a traditional meal :)
"Mashed" potatoes and black beans!! Other than the palm oil involved it's quite a nutritious meal.
Cutting the cake! :)
Before we ate they gave us some photo albums to look at, I just had to take a picture of this picture of Christian and her twin sister!  So cute! <3
We ate cake first, then fruit, then the potatoes and beans, and THEN, we introduced them to S'mores!  They had never seen marshmallows before, and though slightly confused by the whole thing, I think it was love after first bite!  Richard however, still can't like things as sweet as we do... and made us take his chocolate... what good friend we are! ;)  A few days ago Brandon saw the bag of marshmallows and asked what they were, I was going to give him a real treat by letting him have one but as soon as he eagerly bit into it his face turned to a horrible "WHAT IS THIS!?!?" look and he promptly spit it out!  He turned around and said, "I'm a village boy! I don't eat that stuff!"

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