Friday, August 7, 2009


I wanted to take some pictures of the twins on their birthday, I ended up getting to go wake boarding that day and didn't get around to it until later. Here's some picutres of my "little" sisters! (can you tell them apart)

You should know this one! :P

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Annmarie said...

Happy Sabbath=all the family is here, even the Engleharts and we are watching your blog on the big TV. WOW-these pictures Tabby are just great! wow And the last one of Mindy? with the horse-GEORGEOUS!!!! VBS looked fun. There theme here was Fishers of Men and the gal that designed it made a whale and inside it was dark like a cave and had filled the bottom with cold cooked noodles, opened cans of tuna for the smell and had a fan blowing-the kids had to crawl through it to see what Jonah experienced. Very cool week for the kids!