Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So here's an update on what's been happening in my life this past week or so. We left for Oshkosh, WI last Monday morning before 6:00am and with about an hour stop at the mall of America, got to Oshkosh a little before 7:00pm. Our time in Oshkosh was filled with all kinds of Pathfinder activities. Pin trading was one of the biggest pass times, we brought ND and other fun pins left with beautiful souvenir pins from other states and countries. After a FULL week we left Oshkosh around midnight Saturday night Headed for Lincoln, NE and Union college. Mom took the first shift and I took over at 3:00, I let her drive again at 5:00 and around 7:00 she decided to pull over and sleep with me for awhile instead of waking me up. An our and a half later we took off again and split the rest of the way to Lincoln. We got here right at noon and got checked in. There were some heaven sent guys waiting around to help unload and by the time I let each of them carry something to my room (on 3rd floor) I was left with only my purse to carry to my room! Yesterday was full of registration lines and buying expensive books although I did get by with a much cheaper book load than most! I would have been so completely lost in registration without my wonderful mother! She's AMAZING!! My family left for home at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. This morning at 8:30 I had my first class and LOVED it!! I am super excited about being a teacher and so fall college life is treating me great! I have to go now, so I PROMISE I will share LOTS of pictures later!

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