Sunday, August 9, 2009


We're getting closer and closer to ready to go! the suberban is almost packed and my room and stuff is slowly getting ready I can't believe how fast summer slipped away!

I was going through stuff on my computer the other day and found some pictures and videos from our gymnastics home-show this year. I just had to smile, and evev laugh at some things while I watched it. I enjoy gymnasics VERY MUCH and will miss my teammates SO MUCH!! We did lots of cool things this year but my biggest accopmlishment would have to be my back-tuck in our tossing sequences. There was something about throwing yourself backward when you're tossed into the air that made me a little nervous at first! But I had total trust in my bases, even after scaring myself and comming down wrong several times they ALWAYS caught me and I wasn't afraid to try again because I knew they'd be there! I've been working hard this summer and hope to make it onto the Union College Gymnairs team. Every time I watch the videos of us Acrolights I get a happy proud feeling! I love my team! Go Acrolights!! YAY!

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