Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wagon Train (We're Back!)

We're home from the wagon train and we had a WONDERFUL time! Since I'm already going to over-whelm you with pictures I'll try not to over-whelm you with words too! so I'll let the pictures do the talking and I hope you can see what a great week we've had so far!

Esther drove the team of mules


Us Girls :)


...Three legged race with daddy!

I'm winning!!


...The Faces...

...of a gunny-sack race!

too sweet to resist

Spinning yarn

The Schumacher Girls
(Mindy and Janae made all our skirts and I made my shirt)

(The meals were WONDERFUL! we had it WAY better than the real pioneers!)

Paul discovered the power of a magnifying glass and the sun

The boys enjoyed carving donkeys and horses out of wood in their spare time

by the time we were headed home...

...Everyone was played out!

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Taylor said...

Great pictures Tabby!! It was so nice to experience the wagon train with you!