Friday, July 10, 2009


We're getting ready to go to Beaver Lake State Park, we we have church out by the lake once a year and we'll be camping tonight with the Sunds and O'hares. We're all busy getting ready to go, cleaning packing and cooking. Mom's making knephla and just a few minutes ago I walked through the kitchen and had to stop and Laugh at my Mother!She must have felt too short to see into the great big kettle so the faithful old turtle was there to help! This made my day, I hope it makes you smile too!


marlene said...

do you have any idea what I would give to be there tomorrow as well.....Yep those turtles do come in handy. I still have mine.
That is an industrial size kettle, must be making lots of soup

Annmarie said...

I remember getting to go to Beaver lake when I was a little girl. Lucky you. Have a wonderful Sabbath tomorrow.