Tuesday, July 17, 2012


When I was a little girl ever summer held a huge adventure of sneakily finding kittens when good ol' Molly came to the dish skinnier than she had been.  Then, sometime between then and now we had a "dry spell" in the cat area and hardly had any cute fluffy little buddies.  However, the cat population has been on the rise around here again!  The only difference from those sweet memories of finding kittens in the hayloft is that now our cats seem to have missed the part of motherhood class where their told to hide their babies from the little human girls and move them if we play with them too much... This summer we've had 6 mother cats pool their babies in the dog house!  They don't seem to care who plays with them or even which kittens they feed, it's just one big happy family!

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Florida Girl said...

Savannah would love to come play kitties right now!