Monday, July 16, 2012

Quite A Hair DO!

As you probably saw on my posts when I got home, I got my hair braided again right before I left Cameroon.  I didn't post the pictures then because I was keeping it a surprise for everyone at home here :) so here's the pictures of the process of the braiding, as well as the removal!

It takes around 8 hours to "plat"!
Christian was such a wonderful friend!!
It was fun to have in, but had to come out, so I recruited some help! :)
Even with all four of us working... it still took almost 3 hours to un-braid!! ... official count = 166 braids!
I was a little "PUFFY" when we were done!

Yeah... Scary!

And with hair like this, who can resist doing a "cousin it" !!!  Brings back great memories of my cousin Michelle :) 

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