Friday, September 30, 2011

Long Awaited Sights of Buea, Cameroon, AFRICA! :)

Greetings from Buea, Cameroon, AFRICA! Here are a few of the pictures I have been just dying to share with you!! there are many, many more! But here is what I can share now! I had to pick some favorites which is VERY HARD to do... Thanks again for all your prayers, God has been SO SO SO GOOD to us and we feel so blessed and privilaged to be here!

These little "friends" are everywhere! :S

Our first groundnut or peanut roasting experience :) some were a little dark :P

Packages just MAKE OUR DAY! THANK YOU!

Our eating practices... Hmmm...

When cars... or busses "die" here, they just pretty much stay right there, I walk by this bus whenever I walk to school or church, it's quite a sight, nice and green thanks to the humidity and such... Dad, I noticed that the International logo on the front looks about the best of any other part of the bus!

A common sight, you're never quite sure where people really live.

This is what I saw, walking to school, down the main road of Buea, a city of 225,000 people!

This is all in our yard!

Pineapple! (or "Anana") There is just no words to describe how good it is here!

Eating Papaya!

ANOTHER Amazing plant in our yard!

Our first Sabbath in Buea :)

Our first friday night meal :) our new favorite... rice and potatoes, with some occasional carrots... it's easy to just boil up all together and add some yummy seasonings :) plus a DELICIOUS avocado or in Cameroonian "pear" which we purchased for the equivilant of about 10 cents US. :)

we miss you!!

and love you!

at the beach! :)

This was our the evening of our first full day in Buea!

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