Thursday, September 22, 2011

In Cameroon!!

I want to talk and talk to ALL OF YOU! We are here and getting settled in!! We even did more "venturing out" today than I thought we'd be ready to do for awhile! :P :) we are enjoying it very much and God has been blessing big!! THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the prayers!! they have been huge! our flight(s) went extremely well and got ALL our bags wonderfully! the first few out of the baggage claim! I could go on and on! but I am on borrowed internet because we cannot get any of our own yet. So know that I would love to talk to YOU... but for now just know that we are safe and happy an anxious to connect more later!

The experience so far has been INCREDIBLE! I want to explain and tell lots of stories! There is just so much to see and experience, I can hardly even begin to tell you! There is so much to soak in and we have only been here ONE DAY! :) more to come!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tabby for the info. Glad you arrived safely and without problems. God Bless.

Schumachers said...

Wow!!! I love you and be safe.

Love you , Mindy