Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This week we got the itch for volley ball and decided that we were sick of the old badminton net ( a sad excuse for a net and poles! ) so we decided to make a REAL VB court!
We started with the net... (baler twine stretched across the front of the shop!)
Janae and I found an old gate dad let us chop up for the poles and a pipe from my old swing set to pound into the ground. No more annoying guide wires to hold up poles that tip every time the ball hits the net!

We chopped the pipe off right at the ground so the poles can easily be lifted out and the grass can be mowed with no risk of hitting the pipe!

Next we measured out some nice 'n straight boundary lines...
Then mowed around the outside and inside, leaving a strip of taller grass for lines that won't move. :)

Last... ENJOY your work!!!
I love Volleyball! and we have had a blast with our new court already!

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Clifton Kahler said...

I'm impressed. Very nice job. Now I can't remember how the dimensions of a volleyball court compare to a tennis court, but if you mow the grass short enough you can have your own Wimbledon tennis court.