Sunday, September 27, 2009


September..... where did it go? I realized that I havn't posted in quite a long time and that my posts have centered around the theme of "home". If I'm not carful sombody might think I'm homsick or something! While I'd rather not call it that, I will admit that I miss my family, and everything that happens on our farm durring the month of September. School is going absolutly FANTASTIC, I keep very busy between School work, Work, Gymnastics, and just plain old fun. Yesterday we had our minitries club retreat out at woodland acres, it was a wonderful day, very inspiring and refreshing to have a relaxing Christ centered day out in a beautiful nook of His nature. (I even got a little tiny sun-burn!) :) I have some papers due, a test, and at least one presentation this week but I will be squeezing in as much "training" time as possible for next Sunday's tri-athalon. I decided to attempt the CABLE tri-athalon, I'm not expecting to be competitive, for me it will be a "try-athalon" I just want to do it! I've been doing my classroom observations for several weeks now and really enjoy my time watching the 1st graders in Mrs. Powells room, so far I am loving it and still feel the strong conviction that this is God's will for my life. God has been so good and I am thankful for everything He's done for me here at school these past 6 weeks includeing the amazing friends and my WONDERFUL roommate Mary! (in the picture) He's blessed me with! So that's an update from school here at Union College in Lincoln, NE. Sorry I packed a couple updates worth into one!

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