Saturday, September 5, 2009


Yesterday at 12:30 several of us were done with classes and decided to take advantage of the the long weekend and took off for home. Thursday was our last gymnastics tryout and the team was to be posted yesterday at 3:00pm. So I was in the car on the way home at 3:00 so I had Mandy and Brittany call me when they went down to check, I was holding me phone so excited and scared I could hardly take it!! Then they read me the list and... I MADE IT!! I'm a Union College Gymnair!! I'm so excited AND I'm HOME!! it's been a wonderful weekend already, it was so much fun to be home in Church and tonight we took a family horse ride!

So I just wanted to tell you all that I MADE IT!! (home and on the team!!)
I hope you all have a wonderful labor day weekend and don't do too much labor! ;)

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Annmarie said...

Congrats!!!!! How wonderful!