Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I would like to apologize for the fact that I have appeared to vanish from existence since I returned home in the beginning of May.  I only have one sad excuse, it's been SO BUSY!  let me tell you...
We went to the 3ABN Campmeeting in IL, an amazing trip full of inspiring and challenging sermons dealing with Bible prophecy.
Got to see the 3ABN broadcasting sets between a few meetings

It was a super fun family time too!

Mom and I in the 3ABN Kitchen Set!

The Gang!

I've also been enjoying my juicer VERY MUCH, this ladies and gentlemen is banana ice cream, there is nothing at all in this cup but pure, delicious, healthy fruit!!

As soon as we got back from IL, it was unpack and re-pack for Dakota Campmeeting!!  My precious church family had a little celebration for me this weekend!

Celebrating my birthday with pastor Bob :)

This is a group of my friends and I after an early morning run... Mary surprised me with an entry to a 5K race on Sunday for my birthday!  It was so much fun, my first one ever!!  It was a great first experience... I followed Mary who finished 1st and took 2nd myself in the female division, now I'm inspired for more!


RIGHT NOW I should be finishing up the tail ends of Prairie Bible Camp preparations... and getting some sleep eventually, tomorrow morning we're headed to Lehr for another action-packed week! Pictures to come :) stay tuned!

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