Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break - Phoenix AZ

In the plane :) When we met Grandpa and Janet at the airport (grandpa forgot to smile but when I asked him if he wanted to try again he just said, "no, it just gets worse" ;) hehe ).
Wetting our toes :-)
Basking in the sun... ahh... so relaxing....
...that is until the sprinklers so rudely (and unexpectedly!) made an appearance!

Mmmm smoothies! (notice the pretty trees in the background! ;) )

Downtown we stumbled upon none other than the Wells Fargo History Museum! Random? Yes. Good pictures? Yes again!
Would you like to send a telegraph?? :)

... or make a phone call??
...need a ride??
... We're good drivers!! Promise!

Having a blast so far!! Even noticed little sun-lines on my arms already this evening! :) Tomorrow morning we're climbing The Mountain!

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Schumachers said...

Fun!!! glad you have been having lots of fun. Tell Grandpa hi from all of us. Thanks for the pictures.

Love, Mindy