Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Union Moments

This weekend we had the annual ASB dodge ball event... not only do you come to play dodge ball, there is a little costume contest as well, this year my team decided to dress up like Dr. Seuss's "thing 1 and thing 2" except we added "a few things" for a team of 5 things....
...and won $100 in the costume contest!

Roommate and I take college algebra together,
.... and when our answers don't match... out comes the marker board for some SERIOUS math!

We share the book, we share the calculator, we share... the SUCCESS!

A lot of food crosses my desk! ;) Mmmm "dorm-made" chili and a free Panera bread bowl!
It's been tons of fun so far and yet the fun has just begun!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tabby you guys look great as t-h-i-n-g-s, now Mindy and I aren't the only THINGS around here!!!!!! Your panera bread bowl looks good. I <3 you. Bye

Schumachers said...

Hey Tabby looks like lots of fun! You look like you have a good team. Miss you:)
Love Mindy