Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Update

Last weekend we got to take a road trip back to DAA for the Dakota Conference Pathfinder Bible Bowl, and the DAA Student Association Talent Show. This weekend the Choir from DAA came for Music fest here at Union. Even though this past week had it's fair share of homework, papers, and tests (and this coming week will be just like it) I've been having a blast with friends that I don't get to see quite as often anymore. The nice thing (and what's been keeping me going) is that we have Thursday and Friday off next week! It's midterm break and I get to go home! :) I cannot believe it's mid-term already!!

Arm Wrestling

On Thursday and Friday Lincoln got 3+ inches of snow in a 24 hr period, it's been coming down fast and in BIG flakes, the trees and everything on campus looks SO pretty! I just hope all this slush and Ice decides to leave before we drive home Wednesday night!

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Jen said...

Very nice photos, Tabby!! It is so wonderful to know young girls who love Jesus. I did forget to put my url in your e-mail. Here it is: