Thursday, June 25, 2009

20 Years

Mom and Dad have been married for 20 years today!
(June 25, 1989)
I've been planing a surprize "party" for several days and this morning dad told me that I had to go to Wishek to run some arrands for him. I knew that would cut into my last minute prep time but I figured out how to get it done. Then after dinner mom sent me to Ashley with our neighbor Lois to get some produce at the tent sale. The party was going to be in Ashley so we stopped by the park and decorated the park house, while I was putting up a streamer dad called me and said to hurry home becuase I was suppose to take the 4-wheeler to Herried! I planned out the time all the way home and thought that if I gave the girls some jobs to do while I was gone I could probably still make it. But mom offered to go to Herried and I was VEARY thankful! As soon as she left I finished the 2nd batch of knefla and put together the last minute details.

.......there was one thing I forgot to plan into the schedule..... my hard-working Father! 6:00 rolled around and I knew that people would be getting to Ashley at 7:00 and dad... was baling. After some convincing he came home ( I'm pretty sure he thought he could eat quick to satisfy us and go right back out ) but we had a little treasure hunt for them around the yard. The treasure hunt gave us enough time to load all the last stuff in the suburban... I MEAN LIMO... then the fun began!The last clue on the treasure hunt was the suburban... I MEAN LIMO... Mindy covered all the back windows and partitioned off the front so there was no peaking where we were going!

Paul Served them sprite in goblets while they watched a DVD slide show I made, I'd like to say they enjoyed a pampered ride to Ashley in their LIMO but I'm afraid dad was just about on pins and needles the whole way!! and listening to him made this show-fur a little nervous too!!The party was waiting for us at Ashley and we had a wonderful evening, no wind and even no bugs!

My attempt to make the "Prairie Bible Camp Rhubarb Cake" was successful!
Congrats on 20 years mom and dad! I love you so much!!